This No Time To Cook Green Smoothie is tasty and gives you more energy and nutrients then some regular meals do! Got a super busy day and tired of grabbing fast-food on the run? Replace your breakfast lunch or dinner with this 5minute smoothie.

For all the diet freaks: no, it s not true that Avocados make you gain weight! It really depends on the quality of gain weight you take in. Avocado is a super-food with endless benefits to your body and it’s vegetable fat is easily digested by your body. It is for example the gain weight from the smallest portion of food fried in trans-fats and indigestible processes food that will put on weight onto your hips.

LoveYourself and Your Body 😀


1 banana

1 avocado

2 cups(450g) spinach

1 green apple

1 cup (240 g) Greek yogurt


Blend yogurt, avocado, banana, spinach and apple until smooth, pulsing as needed.

You might need to scrape down the sides of the blender a few times.

Put into glasses and serve immediately. If your blender is strong enough put 1-2 ice

Cubes into it for a fresh icy taste! 

Writer: Marie Detroulleau & Stella Stratigou

Twitter : @Marie_Dtrl

Thanks for the support and love 🙂       Your REglam Team xx

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  1. Angie - WhippedGreenGirl

    UMMMMM ! Yummy! Anything with banana in a smoothie wins! Great healthy post 🙂


    • admin

      Thank you Whipped Green Girl! 🙂 Coming from an organic promoting aromatherapist this means a lot!!! warm regards, sem

  2. Kitty Canuck

    MMM….I’d through in some strawberry or blueberries it tends to take out the bitterness of the spinach. I also throw in kale from time to time.


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