Today Courtney Childers shares her butt stories. In a world, where the female image has become a priority, to Courtney Childers it seems women have become more and more insecure about their bodies and that women today tend to hate their bodies or a part of it. Dove’s latest video shows women talking to their friends just as they would talk to themselves about their bodies. The video depicts how violent women can be with their self-judgement! LINK

Women ask themselves the same questions: How do I hide my love handles, my tummy, or thighs? Insecurities seem to have become part of our identity as women.

Courtney Childers talks all “butt”, the better part of her! She tells us how she came to accept and love her “butt”.

She took a step back and realized that it was necessary above all to learn to appreciate her “butt”, just as her husband did. She started to work on her own POV on her body and managed to become PROUD! 🙂

To learn more about Courtney’s entertaining journey please go HERE->

Courtney Childers stylist of Style on Trend Blog.

Her Blog: Style on Trend                Twitter: @SMMFashion

Writer: Marie Detroulleau              Twitter : @Marie_Dtrl

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