Fashion and body image have always been closely connected. From being interested in fashion from a young age and having perused a career in the fashion industry I’m constantly bombarded with images of new style’s, new trends and new “perfect” models wearing them. But as is everyone else. Thanks to the advertisement industry all day every day we see Photo shopped images for new beauty and fashion products we can buy in the hopes of looking somewhat remotely similar to the model we see in the image and the lifestyle it portrays.  Having seeing this constantly it’s bound to have an effect. The fashion and beauty world has its idea of “perfect”.  For women it’s long hair and a slim figure and for men it’s the Adonis body of muscles and a rugged beard. Companies claim to help us attain this “perfection”, but how can it when the models don’t actually 100% look like they do in adverts? I’ve always been slim, a bit slim for my liking. Don’t get me wrong I’m not complaining about being slim but with a high metabolism it’s difficult to put weight on and build muscle. I could eat all day non-stop and my body would just make it vanish. I’ve always wanted to be big, strong and rugged but now at 20 after a good few years of trying to attain it, it’s not happened yet. I still don’t have the six pack. But that’s ok. I know it’s a cliché but it’s about being happy in your skin. How to have self confidence with your body?! I’ll admit that I’m not 100% happy with my body. I’d love to be heavier, be muscled and maybe even a little taller. But I don’t have personal trainers like the celebs and models. In the modern day with normal people’s busy lives and schedules it’s almost impossible to build those physiques. Безымянный In time I’ll learn to be happier with my body. Happy in my skin. This is what I look like and I should be comfy with it. If I could give any advice, and some I should follow too, is to not compare your body to the adverts.  Remember that those aren’t real; a computer program aided the image. Instead of looking at the parts you don’t like, focus on the bits you do! If you love fashion and want to hear more from me then please check out Pilkington’s Style Blog! You can follow me on Twitter @_RyanPilkington too!

Writer: Ryan Pilkington 

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