This is our exclusive ackerstrasse in Berlin #StreetstyleFeature especially for you, dear readers !!  🙂

Writer and Curator April Elizabeth Lamm with her daughter Wilhelmina share a loving moment on the #CoolPeopleStreet #Ackerstrasse.

Here are her answers to our Fashion and Health Questions:

1) Do you read fashion magazines?


2) How do you relate to them?

“I find them amusing. I think I’m an
anthropologist when i look at them (obviously in denial).

3) Has reading fashion magazines altered your own self-image?

“Yes, i think i didn’t eat breakfast or dinner from age 16-18. Horrible!”

4) What do you think about the models used? is it realistic?

“Are you joking? do you really need to ask that question?”


Writer: April Elizabeth Lamm             Models: April Elizabeth Lamm & her Daughter Wilma

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