It’s so important to add RAW foods into your diet in this day and age more than ever! With all the diseases, stresses, colds, flues and cancers around, the only way really to conquer those awful illness’s is prevention.

I’ve often noticed how everybody these days is so caught up with dieting and loosing weight, that they have forgotten whats truly important: our HEALTH! It does take time to become healthy from the inside, but the best thing to remember is that once you do, you will notice all the amazing benefits that will become visible on the outside. The results are healthier shiner hair, nails, fresh skin, less colds and flues; No ache, more energy and of course less fat! Only with a well fed and functioning digestive system our bodies and organs can burn fat.

There are endless amounts of nutriments, minerals and vitamins in good old fruit and vegetables that can help prevent and even cure all types of conditions. You can add in supplements to bulk up your vitamin intake. A great way to consume your supplements is in form of smoothies!

When you are first starting out, it can be a bit of a shock to the system, new tastes textures and flavors, so I wanted to come up with a scrumptious smoothie recipe which is great to have for breakfast ( best time to eat smoothies) – Packed with my favorite tropical fruits as well as antioxidant supplements. Recently I came across Matcha Green Tea powder which unlike normal green tea is super exceedingly high in anti-oxidants, it can be a little expensive, but a little goes a long way. Its the purest and highest form of green tea and is high in Chlorophyll which cleans the blood and is very detoxifying to get rid of body toxins, it’s also rich in fiber, amino acids, immune boosting  vitamin C, zinc, magnesium and much more!

Great care is taken to grow and harvest the tea leaves in Japan. Matcha Green Tea is seen as one of the most superior teas in the world,  I thought I’d team it up with my favourite fruits: mangos and bananas, because I’m a sucker for anything tropical! As well as flax seeds which is high in fiber and helps regulate blood sugar levels, also chia seeds which on top are loaded with antioxidants, omega 3, fiber and protein which can help towards weight loss. This vegan smoothie is naturally sweetened with dates, its super yummy and great for any smoothie starters, kids and anyone wanting to take brekky on the go, its super quick to whip up!! 🙂

Ingredients for Super Smoothie with Matcha Green Tea and Mango ( Total time 5 mins)

1 chopped banana

1 fresh chopped mango pulp

1 TBS chia seeds

1 TBS  ground flax seeds

3 Dates chopped Dates

1/2 tsp Matcha green tea powder

1 large cup almond milk or coconut milk or rice milk

7 ice cubes


In a blender add the banana, mango, dates, followed by the chia seeds, flax seeds and not to mention the amazing Matcha green tea powder. Add in the ice cubes and the almond milk. Blend for 20/30 seconds or until you have a smooth smoothie, you may want to add more almond milk depending on a runnier texture; Once blended serve immediately. I have served mine topped with granola and fresh passion fruit for an  added crunchy texture.

Alternatively you could add the mixture in to Popsicle cases for homemade  iced lollipops 🙂 ! Which is great for kids!!

Writer: Jasmine Alexan              Twitter: @HiJasmineAlexan             Instagram: @JasmineAlexan

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