This is Your lovely #REglamTV encouraging You to aspire to a #HealthyBodyImage, because #CuteGuys admire Fashionistas with a #HealthyBodyImage!

#REglamTV flew a French Camera man Pierre Philippe Toufektchan to Berlin to shoot for Reality #CookingShows with founder Semra Sevin. Here is an exclusive Teaser!! Our REglam #TVshow is all about cute guys cooking for YOU! Our Female REglam Followers and encouraging YOU to live a #GlamorousAndHealthy lifestyle. #REglam, #LoveYourself!

Creator+Director+Producer: Semra Sevin / Camera + Lighting: Pierre Philippe Toufektchan/ Stylist: Sylvia Maggi

Thanks for the support 🙂

Your REglam Team xx

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