REglam presents you a beautiful French chef who loves everything pink and everything flapping. He also loves pancakes and great wine! Watch him and his pink panties cooking a seductive dish for REglam TV

This is #REglamTV encouraging our followers to aspire to a #HealthyBodyImage, so they are Sexy, Fashionable and Glamorous for #CuteGuys.

Our Reality Cooking Show is coming out soon and this video is one of our Teasers. Our REglam TV Show is all about sexy guys cooking for YOU! Our Female REglam Followers and encouraging YOU to live a #GlamorousAndHealthy life. #REglam, #LoveYourself!

Model: Dorian-Niels Leclair

Creator+Director+Producer: Semra Sevin / Camera + Lighting: Pierre Philippe Toufektchan/

Thanks for the support 🙂        Your REglam Team xx

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