The Fashion Journey

2016 so far for me has had a slight personal journey in terms of my wardrobe, as it wasn’t too long ago that I was ditching the old in for the new. But not just the new of this month, but the new fashion I wanted to wear and which I felt would be long lasting. It just so happened that at the timing of this wardrobe clear out I was feeling pretty inspired by the trends I was seeing in the high street stores and in my fashion magazines, the difference here was I was seeing trends I really hadn’t before, and this is what I want to break down in this article, as these past couple of mouths have involved me exploring new pieces of fashion, focusing on one garment in particularly.

Keeping it simple is something I really do live by when it comes to what I put on in the morning. This doesn’t mean I run away from bold colours/patterns or cuts and shapes. It just means that I always look for an element of simplicity in a garment. For example, I recently bought a skirt from Topshop with a floral print and colours so bright they were almost neon! However the shape and cut of the skirt is simple and therefor makes it easier to mix and match and create different summer outfits with. I’ve seen a lot of elegant/timeless/and pieces with simplicity elements to them in the fashion world recently, showing just how non-boring these basic pieces can be, especially when paired up with different fabrics.

Khaki is a fabric I am in love with at the moment, even more with its new reinvention from 40 years ago when it was used in military uniform. Now we have seen it used during fashion week from high end brands such as Chanel, Marc Jacobs, and Ralph Lauren all with their own take on this fabrics movement through time. I recently came across a paring of Khaki used in a jumpsuit and it completely encompassed the idea of simplicity in style I have been seeing over the past couple of months. The jumpsuit is one of my all-time favourite garments this month, I’ve always thought that it’s one of those garments that effortlessly make you look and feel good, without having had to do much to your outfit. Recently I’ve been seeing a more “night time” vibe for the jumpsuit using sheerer to figure hugging fabrics. This really shows how versatile the classic jumpsuit is, and how it can be taken from day to night easily, elegantly and simply.  

The psychology of simplicity

So why are the fashion trends right now showing simple style? As I’ve said before in previous articles, fashion and dressing yourself affects your ideas about yourself and your body, interestingly studies have shown that people who feel they don’t own the right garments or even have the right body modifications (piercing/tattoos) can prevent themselves from getting involved in events with others, in all kinds of aspects of life, from applying for jobs to social events. When I first read about this I was pretty surprised, how can material items effect our lives so much? Without us even being aware of their impact! But then I thought about the idea of material possessions and it started to become clearer, it’s not something totally obvious but it’s also not something totally hidden, it’s something that’s accepted in today’s society of trend following and wanting to look like the newest and coolest current thing so far. Really it’s all around us, from fashion trends to home style trends. But it’s important to state that trend following isn’t a bad thing or something which should be avoided at all costs because you want to be an individual. You still are an individual, because no one is quite like you! And trending things are trending for a reason, they are liked because they are likable. Its only part of our psychology to like things which are new, stimulating and exciting to our minds.

How everyone can wear it simple

This is the big question. How can everyone who wants to, wear the simple trends of the moment, and what garment is really best for all body shapes and sizes? My answer to the question would have to be the classic jumpsuit, I would seriously recommend this garment to those who are maybe a bit unsure about stepping into the past couple months of trends. In my opinion the jumpsuit is one of the only things which holds the magical ability to suit all shapes and sizes, especially when made out of figure hugging material (for those who want to show their shape off) and light, loose flowing materials (for those who don’t want to show their shape off as much). Because of the jumpsuits classic style, going for a bold and bright print doesn’t need to seem as scary, and just wearing a single nude tone jumpsuit can work just as well. It’s because of the classic easy good looking factor the jumpsuit brings that it can really transform your ideas about your body and has the ability to hide places you might want to, while accentuating places you also want to. And a piece of clothing with that ability is something which I don’t think will ever really go out of style.


Writer: Charlotte Spivack   Blog: LottieLovesBlogging  Twitter:  Lottie

Photo By: acevvvedo



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