Tip-Toeing through Berlin! Candy Ballerinas

Try to think about a modern Dorothy Gale from The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, add bright and funny and color-blocking colors and change the magic land into the postmodern Berlin with all its well-known symbols. You’ll be surprised of how the colorful ballerinas from The British Flat Shoe Company will stand out the historical background – abstract surreal sculptures into the everyday city life.

Credit to our amazing photographer: Semra Sevin

Big Thanks to designer Charlotte, creator of The British Flat Shoe Company

Twitter: @BritishFlatShoe

Visit and get your ballerinas now 😉 The British Flat Shoe Company

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  1. Rachel @RachelJPrager

    Gorgeous, love the shoes! Even better that they are hand crafted. Can’t wait to get a pair when I’m next in town!

  2. admin

    awww that is sooo sweet to say! Yes these shoes are handmade in England and the workers are all paid a fair salary, no exploitation in foreign big companies. You can order them on the internet!! thank you for the comment, sem 🙂


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