Come and enjoy a wonderful insightful read of published author and (!) writer for the Indian Times Malti Bhojwani! Malti gives us a peak on her holistic approach to transforming your body and soul, something that she definitely got from her upbringing in the Indian culture! This article will put you at ease at each word 🙂 Enjoy below!

A desire to change the results in any area of your lives can only be realized with deep learning of new way to be. Mere rationalistic, cognitive knowledge is not enough, if it was, we would all be living fulfilled and purposeful lives this time where thousands of self help books abound us. This deeper kind of learning, which will be short-changed if I even try to express it in words, though I must try here, need to be felt and experienced in our bodies and the only way to transform really, is through repeated practice so it transforms our being not just what we are doing.  

We humans live in language, the results we have in our personal and professional life depend on the conversations we have in our relationships. We respond through our emotions, which are set in a background of moods. The body learns by doing though, not by thinking. Consider how you learned to ride a cycle or drive a car, you can read a 1000-pages manual on riding or driving, but until you practice with your body, you will never learn.

In this article I want to share what I do when I want to change my life, my body shape, my bank balance or the state of my relationships quickly.

Weighty stuff

Thinking of the things you need to “give up” is not fun. Though seeing a nutritionist to plan a whole new diet and hitting the gym to try the next latest fat – blaster fitness fad will help, it can be exhausting and the results short-lived. Instead, try “embodying” how a thinner person would stand, hold their bodies and what activities would be included in their day to day life without resistance, what would they choose to eat on a regular basis? Waiting to be slimmer before you start practicing the way of being a lighter person is ludicrous. How would the healthier You stand and walk? What activities would be included in your days? What confidence and attitude would you carry? EmBody that now, as you are, loving yourself the way you are is the only way to becoming the best version of you and to transform your body.

Overdosing on the Good Technique

Overdose on the good stuff, add so much healthy fresh foods that there’s no space or time for the rubbish, I started drinking bottles of green juices to improve my circulation and the result was amazing, I was too full to have anything else and my skin and strength increased from the added nutrients.

Those outdated habits

If you are still smoking in 2015, then you have probably desensitized yourself so much that you can’t even see the ills. To stop, simply and I swear it works, start Yoga and learn breath work- Pranayama. You will give your body the opportunity to experience full and deep breaths, when you overdose on the good, you won’t be able to inhale those toxins anymore.

Breath work

While on breath, our breathing is one of the functions of the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS). It’s the part of the peripheral nervous system that functions largely below the level of consciousness and controls many of our functions including heart rate, digestion, respiratory rate, salivation, perspiration, pupillary dilation and sexual arousal.

Breathing is an exceptional function of the body in that it’s ordinarily regulated automatically by the Autonomic Nervous System, but can be consciously modified. We can’t control any of the others deliberately, but we can choose to slow our breathing down or even hold our breath for some time if we chose to, for example like how we do in conscious breathing practices or Pranayama. Because of this, breathing can act as a doorway between the conscious and unconscious aspects of the self, creating an accessible bridge.

The access point

Our body, thoughts and emotions affect our breathing and hence affect some of the other functions of the ANS. Haven’t you noticed when people get angry or scared, they start breathing faster and their heart rate increases? Similarly, it works in reverse, we can choose particular postures and breathing styles to influence our emotions and actions. As we practice these body positions, we become more adept and create new Neuro-Pathways to trigger desired emotions rather than reacting from old default habits.

Worry and fear will cause our heart rate and breathing to quicken and we can go into panic causing us to feel even worse. It’s a vicious cycle. Whereas changing your body position can be done in an instant and is probably the easiest bridge you have to improving the way you feel, speak, act and hence the results you experience in your life.

Neuroscience research suggests that negative thoughts can over-stimulate the amygdala (small almond-shape set of neurons located in the brain’s medial temporal lobe which is responsible of fear, stress and panic). The double whammy is that when the amygdala is stimulated by perceived fear, it shuts down our physical ability to release serotonin in our brains (which is a contributor to being able to think positively and creatively). When we put ourselves in this state, there is no getting out of the self-dug rut. In this state, we block positive memories, fantasies and ‘hope.’

Power Posing For Confidence 

Standing tall, with your feet hip-distance apart, holding your head up and shoulders square, feeling your feet planted firmly on the ground and imagine a string at the top of your head pulling you up to the sky, don’t tilt up, your chin remains parallel to the floor.

Visualize a tiara or a monarch’s crown on your head, made of diamonds, gold, brass or any material that you feel comfortable with. Relax your jaw, smile a little, extend both your arms out sideways and then bring them in again slowly, and feel the height and width of your body. Notice that when you stand this way, your eyes survey the surroundings and your peripheral vision increases. You are aware of much more than just what is directly in front of you. When you speak, your voice will come from lower in your body and sound firm and confident; You transform your body.

Close your eyes now and think of the posture of three people or characters you do trust. How do they speak? Where are they looking? What about their breathing?

In my soon to be released mobile App – EmBodying Power, I share three body dispositions including one for confidence. It will give you the instant ‘power-shot’ of confidence anytime, instantly! Try walking into a meeting or a function wearing your crown and see how differently you feel and how people respond to you. Feel the strong but gentle push on your back and the wisdom of the people you admire, your ancestors, mentors and your teachers “encouraging” you forward.


Malti Bhojwani, author of several books including “Don’t Think of a Blue Ball”, “The Mind Spa – Ignite Your Inner Life Coach” and the mobile App “Embodying Power”. She brought her experience to individuals, teams in corporations and entrepreneurs internationally for over 14 years. Malti is a certified life coach (International Coach Federation ICF – PCC) and a facilitator trained in NLP, Ontological Coaching, somatic work and Yoga. She coaches individuals by phone and conducts live bespoke workshops for corporations. Born in Singapore, she’s lived in Jakarta and Sydney where her daughter, also an author lives. Malti currently resides in Pune, India.


Writer: Malti Bhojwani           Twitter: @MaltiBhojwani        Facebook: Malti Bhojwani – Professional 

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