For a lot of people normal is just average; nothing special, nothing terrible- it is what it is. For others, normal is all you wish for.


But what is normal between us as human beings? Really the only normal thing is our differences. Imagine how strange it would be if we all were to look the damn same. We all look, act and think differently so establishing a norm is almost impossible.


I suffer from massive self-esteem issues and I often catch myself wishing I was normal and like everyone else, as if they have it all together themselves. It’s frustrating that I only now realise I’ve been striving for something that doesn’t actually exist. We’ve all become a lot more aware of just how manipulative the messaging in media campaigns can be and their destructive nature, so I won’t go into that too much, but…STOP PRESSURING US TO LOOK A CERTAIN WAY. With the same body shape being used all over magazine spreads, I think it’s created a superficial “norm” as opposed to holding us to a high expectation because the people who subject us to this don’t think of it as asking too much from us. They consider it to be the way you’re supposed to look, and that’s why it’s so damaging.


Would you like your children, (or possible future children), to live their lives feeling inadequate because she doesn’t fit into a size 6 dress or he doesn’t want to play with ‘boys’ toys’. I’m sure you wouldn’t, so why should it be different within the fashion industry? We all need to stop searching for the “new norm” and concentrate on normalizing difference.


The world would be a better place if we could all just learn to love differences more than we’re comforted by the idea of fitting in.


Writer Lucy Hill 

Twitter : @lacylatest

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