Are you sick of the stigma that comes with eating disorders and mental disorders? Be hopeful, things are changing in the media world! Today we introduce you to a must-see movie, which is crowned by actress and former anorexia sufferer Zoe Kravitz! Hurry  to get your seats for The Road Within as the film shines in movie theaters of NYC and L.A. starting this Friday, April 15!

The Road Within brings together a powerhouse of wonderful women to question the stigma of eating+mental disorders; With wonderful director of this movie, Gren Wells, who knows the ins and outs of eating disorders because as a teenager she suffered from it herself. This film depicts an important subject as well as it is entertaining and giving a positive outlook! Together with the Startup Recovery Warriors, documentary The Illusionist plus size magazine Slink and the recent changes in French law, there is proof that positive change is on the rise for the diversity of body image and the awareness of eating disorders.

Here is a great summary of the plot of The Road Within that the director Gren Wells kindly sent to us:

The Road Within is about Vincent, a young man suffering from Tourette Syndrome who’s mother (and primary caregiver) dies. His estranged father, Robert, is then forced to step in but he’s running for political office and doesn’t want his son on the campaign trail. So Robert puts Vincent in a clinic that’s run by the unconventional Dr. Mia Rose. Once there, Vincent falls in love with an anorexic woman named Marie and, together, they steal Dr. Rose’s car (and end up having to kidnap his OCD roommate, Alex, when he threatens to tell on them). So with Robert and Dr. Rose in hot pursuit, Vincent, Marie and Alex go on a life changing road trip to deliver the ashes of his mother to the ocean.

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Gren Wells, who directed and also adapted the script, suffered from anorexia and bulimia from age 15 – 21. So she knows firsthand how difficult this disease can be. So when she set out to cast the role of Marie, she knew she had to find an actress who could lose the weight necessary to play a character in the throes of anorexia, but not fall down the rabbit hole in real life. And that person was Zoe Kravitz. Zoe was very open an honest about having dealt with bulimia in high school – but she felt it was important to bring this dangerous disease to light in an authentic way. Because not everyone does get better from anorexia or bulimia. Women, men, boys and girls are dying every day so more awareness is needed.

Zoe worked with a dietician and a trainer to transform her body as safely as possible. And Gren watched over her like a hawk, looking for any and all signs that she was slipping back into her old mindset. Because the thing about anorexia is that you’re never fully cured. You always have to be mindful that the demons are nearby – and ready to pounce if you give them the chance. But it is possible to to beat those demons back so they don’t rule your life. Gren said, “I finally got over my ED when I asked for help from my family. I had kept it a secret for so long – and I was just exhausted. But it was the simple act of talking about it – out in the open – that helped lessen the shame and secrecy I was dealing with. Obviously, it was many years before I could look at a plate and not count calories, but I’ll never forget that day. It was a true turning point for me.”

The Road Within is a beautiful and honest portrayal of people suffering from mental health issues. And Gren made the film to help de-stigmatize these issues. Just because these characters seem different on the outside, doesn’t make them any different than the rest of us. We all have things we don’t like about ourselves – or that we’re embarrassed about. So the message of the film is to embrace our differences as opposed to hiding them.

The Road Within is out in select theaters in NY & LA this Friday, April 17th. Tickets are on sale at Fandango since Tuesday, April 14th.




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